Apects. Akan Cultures in Ghana

This catalogue commemorate the centuries of contacts between present-day Ghana and what is now the Netherlands.

Akan art is neihter static nor time-fixed. Incorporating influences from Moslems as early as easly the 13th century and Europeans from the 15th century onwards, the Akan have demonstrated through time a marked talent for incorporating new images, materials and techniquesinto their expressive forms. The Akan, to their credit have not lost themselves in acculturation but incorporated these influences to create a new art that is a synthesis of tradition and the new.

Text: Prof. Dr. Daniël Mato, Calgary and Drs. Ing. Steven van de Raadt, Rotterdam.African-Art-Gallery-Over-Ons-6

96 pages: 69 color illustrations.

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Aspects, Akan Cultures in Ghana. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. September 2001 – January 2002. Guest-curators Kathy van der Pas and Steven van de Raadt.

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  • Akan Adanse. Oil lamp